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So you're looking to invest your money in gold and are looking for the best way to do it? There a many ways to buy gold online, from gold stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETA's) and buying physical gold bars, gold coins and gold bullion. In our articles we give you information on them all and show you the best places to buy gold online.

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How to Buy Gold Online

How To Buy Gold Online

Buying gold online has been made as simple as possible however as with any online purchase you need to be 100% confident that the site you are buying your gold bullion from is going to be able to actually deliver your order a timely and guaranteed fashion. One site which you are guaranteed the best […]


Is Gold a Safe Investment?

The financial sections of most newspapers love nothing more than hyping up any major daily movements in the price of gold, and this is what can often make a low level type of investor who is considering making a gold purchase think twice. As the price of gold has rocketed in recent years to some […]

uk gold

Where to buy gold in UK

I’ve had this gold blog running for about 4 years now and I’ve been buying gold online here in the UK for probably since around 2006. I did not have the first clue about gold when I started and in fact the main reason I became interested in buying gold and silver was because of […]

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Investing in Gold Safely

It can often be a daunting time for anyone looking to invest in gold bullion for the very first time, with scare stories always seeming to grab the headlines in newspapers and trade journals when any downward movement in gold prices occurs. However always take a long term view to buying gold bullion as this […]

gold checklist

Gold Buying Checklist

We have compiled a simple to follow step by step guide for anyone considering making a gold bullion investment, feel free to have a good read through the following guide as it will ensure that when you feel the time is right to invest in gold and make your initial investment you should have a […]

gold questions

Gold Investing – Your Questions Answered

Anyone who is looking to invest in gold for the first time is going to have a large list of questions that they will want answering, and with this in mind below we have answered many of the most common questions that are asked by people looking to make their very first gold investment purchases. […]

Right Time to Buy Gold

Gold – The Right Time to Buy

There are some financial investments that can make some massive returns in the short term, and some will never make any kind of profit. In regards to being able to make an investment that time has proven is one of the safest you will make it is often gold bullion that most people will choose. […]

is buying gold online safe

Is Buying Gold Online Safe?

The one question on many novice gold investors’ minds when they have decided to start investing in gold is whether buying gold online is safe. There are no shortages of land based venues where you can walk into them and buy gold instantly so why take any kind of risks buying gold online? The answer […]

gold price

Gold Prices – Where Next?

Some people have described the price of gold as being similar to the way a Yo-Yo works or even a roller coaster, the prices can go up and down throughout the day, however one thing has been guaranteed in recent years is the long term price of gold has continued to rise steadily even when […]


Gold – A Long Term Investment

It really doesn’t matter what type of commodity you are looking to invest in, you are going to experience movements in the value of your chosen commodity daily, however there are only a few commodities which have solidly and reliably weathered the years. Buying and investing in gold is one such commodity that has stood […]

sell gold

Selling Old Gold

There have been plenty of advertisements on television and in print in recent years regarding companies who will buy any old gold you may have laying around, no matter what type of gold it is nor the condition of the gold there are plenty of people willing to buy it off you. The majority of […]

gold spot prices

Buy Gold at Spot Prices

One major aspect of buying gold online that appeals to many people is that thanks to the way it is possible to get an instant live spot price for any gold purchase you are able to buy gold at the current price at the exact moment in time. Getting access to spot prices for gold […]


Buying Physical Gold

Should you have decided that the time is right to invest in gold then you will need to be aware exactly how and what you will be buying, as people immediately see gold investing as buying up bars of gold. You can of course buy bars of gold, however for someone looking to invest a […]

Almost there

Haven’t posted in a while thought I’d just post an update – Gold has broken through the roof and is back in the race to the moon. I’ve noticed quite a few folk on my website lately looking to buy gold.  Well this blog is all about that.  If you want to get started read my blog post on where and how […]