Places to buy online

Here are a list of physical places to purchase investment gold bars and coins in the UK.

Bullion Vault Purely a online service, you buy gold, they store it from you.  This is the safest method of buying gold online. Best of all they give you free gold to get started!

Gold money Very similar to Bullion Vault. You buy gold or silver and they will store it for you.  You can take delivery of your gold.  However BV give you free gold :)  Both Bullion Vault and Gold Money have been online for many years.  I’ve made over £20,000 purchasing gold and silver via both websites.  My money is safer here than with the banks that honestly I believe have failed.

Take delivery of your gold and silver, I have a few bars and coins however I do prefer the online methods above for buying fold.  You’ll find that this is the safest way to buy gold and silver however having a few physical bars and coins can also be worth it if you can store them securely somewhere.  The list below is where you can buy/sell gold and silver in the UK

Gold Line (Baird & Co) London Based est 1967, I’ve purchased personally from them via the Internet.  Good service, good price.

ATS Bullion Have not personally used these guys but they are legit and I’m told are competitive on price.

Coin Invest Direct Have purchased silver and gold bars from them.  They ship quickly via UPS all online.

Ebay Good deals to be had but check feedback and use paypal prior to buying.

The best advice I can give about buying gold online is to keep it safe.  This is why I highly recommend Bullion Vault.  They also store your purchased gold or silver and you can log into you account at any time to see what your gold is worth.  If you have enough gold in your account you can take delivery of the gold bars.  However it is much safer to keep it stored with BV as they have insurance and special secured facilities in three countries.

If like me you do like to see your gold from time to time Purchase a couple of gold bars and coins.  The only draw back to this is you will have to secure them in your own home.  Also when it comes to selling you’ll have to find a buyer.  Bullion Vault also lets you sell gold at anytime into the online market which is very handy if you need cash.