Buying Physical Gold

Should you have decided that the time is right to invest in gold then you will need to be aware exactly how and what you will be buying, as people immediately see gold investing as buying up bars of gold.

You can of course buy bars of gold, however for someone looking to invest a modest amount of cash in gold then purchasing gold bars can often be way too expensive.

You can buy gold bars in various sizes the most common sized gold bars are the one ounce bars or the one kilo bars, in fact you can even buy small bars of gold at vending machines thanks to the popularity of gold investing!

If you have the means to buy gold bars then one aspect of investing in them is to ensure that you have a means of storing them somewhere completely secure, and if you are storing them at home ensure you have sufficient insurance.

Buying Gold Coins

Gold Coins are another way in which you can purchase gold in smaller volumes with the prices of coins being much lower than bars due to them weighing less. However there is often a huge variance in the price of gold coins and as such there will often be some major differences in the price you will pay for gold coins depending on where and who you buy them from.

If you are looking for gold coins and are a UK citizen then it is worth remembering that by buying a coin of the realm which has been produced by the Royal Mint then these are sold without you having to pay capital gains tax, this is due to these coins being classed as actual money.

Other well known and popular gold coins include Sovereigns and Krugerrands and Maple Leafs, however you should only ever consider buying these from reputable sources, and it is often best to buy them in person from a reputable dealer.

If you do decide to buy gold coins then shop around as just like any other purchases you will make the price can and will depend on when, where and how you buy them.

Where to Buy Physical Gold

You never want to take any risks when you are buying gold online or in person, and should you wish to do the former then we highly rate the Bullion Vault site who are a licensed and approved gold trading site.

They offer some of the lowest fees in the entire gold buying and selling industry and offer a robust and dynamic range of gold investing opportunities. You can also benefit from buying and selling gold at Bullion Vault in your own home currency.