How To Buy Gold Online

Buying gold online has been made as simple as possible however as with any online purchase you need to be 100% confident that the site you are buying your gold bullion from is going to be able to actually deliver your order a timely and guaranteed fashion.

One site which you are guaranteed the best type of gold purchasing experience from is listed below and as such we cannot fault them on their entire operation, when it comes to making gold purchases online then they stand out from what has become a very crowded market place.

Purchasing Gold Bullion Online

Bullion Vault is the only site we can recommend to everyone no matter where in the world they happen to live, you are not going to find a more comprehensive gold bullion service online than the one they offer and they are guaranteed to tick all of the right boxes.

The first aspect of buying any amount of gold bullion is that you are going to be demanding the best price of your gold bullion purchase once you agree to the purchase, and this is where they excel themselves thanks to their spot prices. This ensures the price you see is the price you will pay for your gold stock.

Once you have decided to make your gold purchase then you can complete the deal in a matter of moments using their very user friendly gold purchasing banking interface, and once completed then you can opt to have your gold immediately delivered to your home, office or where ever it is you want it delivering and their delivery service is of course guaranteed and insured.

They do not offer just a gold buying service to their customer they also allow you to sell your gold stock holdings at any time and once again you are going to be able to lock in the best prices using their gold buying and selling system.

Is Gold a Safe Investment?

The financial sections of most newspapers love nothing more than hyping up any major daily movements in the price of gold, and this is what can often make a low level type of investor who is considering making a gold purchase think twice.

As the price of gold has rocketed in recent years to some new highs however as soon as the price drops by a few percentage points these inexperienced gold investors may be asking themselves just how safe an investment in gold is.

Whilst some gold traders and investors will take a short term view in regards to buying and selling their gold stocks, however it is true to say a long term view should be considered, as time has proven gold has never let people down in terms of the gains that can be achieved.

So if you are considering investing in gold then try and look at it as a long term investment as the price is going to fluctuate on a day to day basis and never be put off investing due to some rather dramatic sounding newspaper headlines!

Who is buying all the Gold?

Apart from both professional and casual gold investors there is a lot of gold being snapped up in China, you may be aware that China has become a major consumer of all types of precious metals and it is not just as an investment this huge country is purchasing gold for.

They have massive electronics manufacturing companies that use vast amounts of gold on a daily basis and as such they always need a constant supply of gold to keep their production lines running and operational.

With many countries of the world suffering major economic problems more and more people who used to trade in stocks and shares are now looking to buy physical assets in which to invest and this is another group of people who are buying huge amounts of gold on a daily basis.

Approved Gold Bullion Trading Site

You will possibly be overwhelmed by the number of gold bullion trading sites online, however there are only a few sites who can always be relied on to always have the capacity to be able to offer you the exact type of gold bullion you are looking to buy.

The site of choice for many of our website visitors is Bullion Vault and should you be a novice gold investor then you will find they offer a comprehensive range of services allowing you to enter the gold bullion trading environment quickly and easily., Experienced investors will be impressed by the sheer diversity of gold bullion services they offer and more importantly their low fees!

Where to buy gold in UK

I’ve had this gold blog running for about 4 years now and I’ve been buying gold online here in the UK for probably since around 2006.

I did not have the first clue about gold when I started and in fact the main reason I became interested in buying gold and silver was because of the housing bubble.  As house prices in my area got completely out of control I knew that something was up and everyone was in for a real surprise.

I soon found a few online forums called House Price Crash and some of the posters on these forums really knew what they were talking about.  A new forum called Global Edge Investors was created by one particular poster named Dr Bubb.

Anyway there forums led me to the knowledge that would insure I kept my wealth and in fact were so spot on with their predictions have given me more wealth.  All because of gold and silver.

I started researching the topic online on where I could buy gold in the UK.  Unlike most other metals Gold has no VAT so you can easily trade it without involving the taxman to some extent.  As I saw the price rise in gold I knew that these forum posters were on to something.  No one I knew was really talking about gold more about how much their house had went up in price over the past 12 months.

These guys were the smart money.  It’s now 2011 and I believe we are on the crest of everyone and their granny buying gold and silver to protect themselves against the financial storm that is wrecking havoc on so many countries around the world.  I tell you some truth, we have it very easy just now in the UK.

Anyway back to where to buy gold in the UK.  There are many places where you can buy this precious metal.  However price does matter, especially know with a 1oz bar of Gold over £1000.  It was not long ago (2001) that a 1oz bar was £200.  Think what I could have done if I knew that fact!

There are two options to buying gold.  You can purchase it online and it is stored at a secure facility.  the majority of my gold and silver I have purchased online.  It’s a bit like internet banking.  You just transfer money to either bullion vault or gold money and then buy your gold or other metal.  They store it securely and you do not have to worry about the physical aspect of it.  It’ “safer that houses” that’s for sure.

Both Bullion Vault and Gold money allow you to buy other types of precious metals as well.  Silver, platinum and palladium.  truth be told I’ve actually made more money buying silver than gold to date.  Since 2009 it has jumped something like 300% – this is a huge jump.

Now some of the smart thinkers might be asking the question, so if it’s went up so much why should I buy gold or silver now?  It’s a pretty easy answer.  things around the globe are not getting any better – they are getting a lot worse.

If that’s not sold you then you might like to know about what those deveopling nations like China and India are doing to try and sell their many dollars as quick as possible.  Yes you have it right they are buying gold and silver.  The Chinese government has just asked it’s citizens to save and invest their hard earned money in gold.  Indians have been doing this for many years.

Those websites again