Gold Buying Checklist

We have compiled a simple to follow step by step guide for anyone considering making a gold bullion investment, feel free to have a good read through the following guide as it will ensure that when you feel the time is right to invest in gold and make your initial investment you should have a smooth a hassle free experience

  • 1. If you are going to be purchasing any amount of gold bullion then right at the top of your checklist should be the site at which you intend to buy your gold from. In regards to the best online bullion buying and selling site there is no better site than Bullion Vault.
  • 2. You will be looking to pay the lowest price for your gold bullion stock, and whilst no one is able to be able to see into the future in regards to the price of gold by sticking to buying bullion at our listed bullion site then you will be paying the spot price for your gold.
  • 3. There are going to be additional fees in regards to delivery costs and insuring your gold bullion purchases, so before you make your initial investment in gold bullion then always keep these costs in mind, and by sticking to the Bullion Vault you are guaranteed to pay the lowest fees and charges.
  • 4. Whilst many places will allow you to store your gold bullion at their highly secure venues if you do opt to take delivery of your gold bullion stock then be aware that you will have to find a completely secure place to store it at home, and as such a safe or vault may needed to be purchased.
  • 5. If you are intending on having various different types of gold bullion then always keep an inventory of your gold bullion purchases making a note of the prices you paid and also labelling your gold to ensure you know exactly which piece of bullion is which!
  • 6. If you reach a point in time when you need to sell any or all of your gold bullion holding then remember that also lets you sell your gold instantly and they will guarantee to give you the very best prices. Their fees are low and you are guaranteed rapid payments.