Oh hello $1500 gold

Well I started this blog back in 2009 gold was at around $850 an ounce.  In great British pounds it went up around £300 per ounce so for every ounce at around £600 you would have been able to sell yoiur gold today from around £900 per ounce.  That’s not a bad return in 2 years.  However this website is not about selling gold.  It’s about buying gold!  There has never been a better time to buy gold.

there is somehting called the gold silver ratio.  If you look at it – silver has went up around 60% in the past 4 months.  No joke!  60% it’s a bit toppy however the ration dictates gold has to now power up to keep the ration going.  I predict $1650 or £1000 gold by the end of May.   Buy gold now and cash in before your paper is printed out of existence.