Is Gold a Safe Investment?

The financial sections of most newspapers love nothing more than hyping up any major daily movements in the price of gold, and this is what can often make a low level type of investor who is considering making a gold purchase think twice. As the price of gold has rocketed in recent years to some… Read More »

Buying Physical Gold

Should you have decided that the time is right to invest in gold then you will need to be aware exactly how and what you will be buying, as people immediately see gold investing as buying up bars of gold. You can of course buy bars of gold, however for someone looking to invest a… Read More »

Almost there

Haven’t posted in a while thought I’d just post an update – Gold has broken through the roof and is back in the race to the moon. I’ve noticed quite a few folk on my website lately looking to buy gold.  Well this blog is all about that.  If you want to get started read my blog post on where and how… Read More »

Where to sell silver for cash?

Erm, I hope you are not seriously considering selling you silver! This blog is about how to buy gold online however what has become just as popular is how to purchase silver online. You see the silver price is set to rocket. I just did a purchase of silver bars recently as I know what’s… Read More »

A big thanks

To all the people that have visited this blog and decided to buy gold or silver online via one of the links on my website. I’ve made some stonking commissions lately on my silver that I’ve purchased online.