Selling Old Gold

There have been plenty of advertisements on television and in print in recent years regarding companies who will buy any old gold you may have laying around, no matter what type of gold it is nor the condition of the gold there are plenty of people willing to buy it off you.

The majority of these companies will send you, once you make contact with them, a postage free package which you then simply need to fill up with all your old bits of gold jewellery and once they receive it they will then send you a valuation and a cheque for your gold.

You then will have a limited time to agree to the price they have offered and cash the cheque However many of these companies are renowned for vastly under pricing the gold you have sent them and they all follow a similar pattern in regards to what they will do if you refuse the offer.

Once you contact them and let them know you are not happy with the valuation they will then increase the offer in an attempt to get you to agree to their valuation and sell them the gold items.

It should be noted that if you want to sell old gold then these companies are best left well alone as you are going to get a higher price offered elsewhere and as such we would suggest you consider selling your gold to a reputable jeweller.

Selling Old Gold – Get the Best Price

If you do have some old gold jewellery which you are looking to sell then it will pay dividends for you to make the time and effort to visit several local land based jewellers, as this is how you are going to benefit from a realistic valuation of your gold items whilst getting them turned into instant cash.

Spend a morning or afternoon taking your gold to several Jewellery stores in you locality as each one will be more than happy to value your gold and give you an instant offer for it on the spot based on the current price of scrap gold.

By visiting a few independent jewellers then you can make a decision quickly on which one is offering you the best price, without having to haggle to a faceless company who you have sent your gold to!

Sell Your Gold Online

One online gold buying and selling site which has impressed us greatly is Bullion Vault and unlike those companies mentioned earlier who give you ridiculously underpriced offers for gold they give you the true market value for any gold you are looking to sell.

Please take a few moments to visit their website as it offers a truly invaluable resource for anyone looking to buy or sell gold whilst securing the best prices, we rate this site highly and as such are more than happy to showcase them to you.