Silver price

The Price of Silver…..

Over the past year silver has done really well price wise.  I’ve been watching the price of silver for a while now.  Purchased 1kg from bullion vault back in 2008.  I paid around £200 that 1kg is now just shy of £1000!!!

Silver took a bit of a knock back in May when the price rocketed up to almost $50/dollars per ounce.  It’s now back down at safer levels.  In fact since the 2011 finicial crisis which started a few weeks a back it’s taking a good kicking.  Gold on the other hand has great at over £1000 per ounce!!

I now think it’s time to jump back on the silver wagon.  I will be using some spare money I have from selling some crap I had in my house on ebay.  I’ll be putting an order in with both Bullion Vault and Goldmoney for around £2300 worth of silver.  That’s about 100 ounces.  I’ve been told that the price will be going to $100 an ounce by Christmas.

Looking at the charts this seems about right.  So I will be doubling my money just in time to book a flight somewhere warm lets hope :)

UK Silver Price – time to buy some!

What about the future of silver well market traders and experts say by 2016 the price will be $1000 per ounce.  If correct I will retire early!

Anyway if you looking to buy gold online (or silver) these two websites will give you the cheapest and easiest way of investing and protecting yourself.

Bullion Vault and Goldmoney