The debt ponzi scheme continues in Euro land

So the UK are helping bail out Ireland because some of the UK’s major banks have a lot of financial assets with Irish banks.  Only problem is that these UK banks are the same banks that the UK has bailed out!  In reality what is happening is that the UK government is printing money to help keeps UK banks stable.  Only they’ve called it quantitative easing.  What I find astonishing about this situation is how open they are being about printing the money.

If I owned or part owned a bank that had assets liable in Ireland I would not be publically broadcasting the fact that were going to help bail them out.  This is just a ponzi scheme under a framework of regulation and banking/institutions.  The hard fact is that the UK is printing money to help keep itself a float.  This can only lead to the devaluation of the UK British pound.   As other countries in the far east will see what is going on and also have to raise their sell price on exports to keep the current value of exports worth the hassle.

This leads to inflation.  The trigger has been pulled and China is now the one calling the shots.  Protect your wealth or savings if you have any and buy some gold.  Check out my page on how to buy gold online for more info.