They are going to get your money?


If you are considering buying gold in the UK then you’ve come to good website for information on how to buy gold online.  We offer free advice and live update service of the price of gold in UK sterling.  You’ll find today’s gold prices on the right side bar as well as a monthly and yearly break down on where the price is.

We’ve been in a gold bull market since 2001 and we’ve yet to reach the mania stage of this market.  Think of it as a similar market to property.  You will currently see lots of advertisements on TV with companies offering to buy your old gold jewellery.  This is because they are on the same winning streak as me and possibly you.  Gold has a lot higher to go and these companies want to buy your gold today then sell it back to you in  years time at 5 times as much as it costs today.

some estimates see gold going to $12000 per ounce this is not some fairy tail figure but a similar price was reached in the 1980’s as gold hit at almost over $1000 per ounce.  Taking into inflation (how must was $1 worth compared to $1 now) the $12000/oz does not seem too much like a fairy tale.  All you need to do is look around you, the economy is in bad shape, jobs are being lost and people want to protect their wealth.  Then there are these companies that know the price is going much higher and are out to fleece the general public.  They are all saying SELL YOUR GOLD.


If the price does go to $12000 if you buy gold online today or in a few weeks you could walk away with a small fortune.  Take an average wage of £1500 / month, if you can afford to invest 2 month wages this year £3000 in five years you could have £36000.  Put it another way instead of buying that nice new fancy car at £16000 over five years buy gold instead and use the car you currently have.
How does £192,000 sound in five years time sound?  Pay your mortgage off and buy that car in cash.  I’m not making this stuff up.  Do your own research it’s worth your time to do so.  As your friends drive around in their German cars they get a feeling of” Wahoo look at me”  in  five years the smart money will be somewhere  else!